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want to get a cheap thrill? Just go up to the mexican army guys standing by the checkpoint to the know the ones with the machine guns and the bored looks on thier faces. with a completely serious face ask them to repeat the phrase "we don't need no stinkin' badges" they love it trust me. It's a great way to spend time before you jump back on your big safe can tell the federal guys from the local cops because they carry machine guns. they are usually posted outside the stores that sell rolex or other high dollar trinkets.

On a more serious note I think the chances of getting in the crossfire of a drug war while on vacation there are no more than if you walked around outside LAX or JFK or any airport in a big us city.
I did read a story about a busload of tourist, in costa rica i think, that fought off a gang of bandits that were trying to rob them...some ex-military senior citizen got shot, kicked some *** and ran them off. the tour bus took him to the hospital and he was all right. the local cops busted the bandits. That and the african pirates that attcked that one cruiseliner, another band of morons. those are the only attacks I have heard of lately but i guess they really downplay any that do happen.