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It depends on whether you requested eDocs or a spiral booklet thingie. If it's eDocs you will recieve nothing by mail. Everything is electronic. If it's the spiral thingie, it'll come about 3 weeks or more before your sailing date depending on how fast the sailing fills. I use only eDocs and prefer them. As an agent, our agency has links on the confirmation you recieve (by email) for everything from registering online to booking shore excursions. You can do exactly the same things from their website but you have to navigate or know where to look. You out a little to far to have to worry about this stuff yet or be able to do most of it. I doubt they have even made vendor contracts for excursion yet.

When it comes time, a good time would be about 2 1/2 to 3 months before you cruise, do the following...

1. Go to
2. There is a row of tabs across the top and one says "Before You Board". Put your cursor over it.
3. Click on either "Shore Excursions" or "Online Registration".
4. Once you've registered you'll be able to print what they call a "Set Sail Pass". That's your boarding pass and all you need other than you passport to board the ship quickly and without filling out forms at the pier.

Cheers, Neil