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Originally posted by penny3333:
I actually think ship's food is probably healthier than what we normally eat at home. True they might use butter and cream, but the portions are what we should actually be consuming. Years ago my motto was if I was going to drink I couldn't eat, and vice versa. That was when I counted calories

Mary left on her cruise today! Bon voyage
when it comes to big portions, its more about the buffets - we try to not overeat, but even if you just try a little of everything you wind up with a ton of food...and true the dinner portions arent huge, but dinner is usually after 2 appetizers, a salad/soup and bread, and then there is dessert

to be fair, we are both close to health nuts - barely use oil in any cooking, and havent bought real butter in any digression from that is a big step for us! maybe thats why we eat so much on the cruise - we deprive ourselves so much during the rest of the year that we just can't control ourselves when given so many great options
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