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Hi Billy,

You're welcome! I found with The Victory that just as long as you have a little patience Embarking and Debarking, the rest of the cruise is smooth sailing. I believe I waited at the elevator when leaving the ship the last time, for about 10 minutes. What annoyed me was that there was a woman in a wheelchair and her husband was escorting her to the 3 deck to get off the ship. Everyone rushed onto the elevator and didn't let her on. I was horrified to see that. I mean c'mon, we are going to hop the elevator then have a few more minute wait once onto the 3rd floor. (By the way, that floor did move super smooth and I believe about 3 minutes once onto the 3rd floor to get off the ship. If you don't opt for self assist, (Self assist you keep your bags with you and take them off yourself when you leave) I think if you wait and have your luggage out the night before, and you go off after self assist, it would be a relaxing morning. I did find alot of people using the Self Assist. Just check it out!

PLUS Victory had Malcolm Burn otherwise known as "Malcolm in the Middle" HE IS SO FUNNY! he is the entertainment guy, gives the talks etc. I believe he is the cruise director? I could be wrong. Anyhow, after each announcement during the day that he makes on the P.A.... he says "Woohoo" and by the end of the cruise most people are saying that after every sentence.

By the way for anyone who didn't know, our ship was rerouted because of a civil dispute in Costa Rica. I was extremely disappointed that we weren't going to Costa Rica but we went to Jamaica instead. What a FABU country to visit and the ourists are so safe there! We have an absolutely wonderful time!

The Vicory is a huge ship. Next time I'm on that class of ship I will definitely get a room in the middle because we were situated about 30 cabins from the end of the ship and it was a walk and a half to get to the main elevators. Not a problem though because ok folks, Just jumped on the scale lastnight and I believe I'm up for a detox and Starvation diet! hah

Just Kidding! So who said there wasn't any food or the food was bad, NO WAY! food everywhere and at all hours of the night!

Have a great time and have fun in Canada! I an a Proud Canadian for sure eh!