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[QUOTE]Originally posted by kmathi:
In regards to my Balcony question that was anwered well. Going out on deck opposed to sitting on a Balcony likely is the best idea to take it all in...BUT from your experience is it overwhelming with people and hard to see anything leaving us to run to our balcony? Just now thinking that maybe we will skip the Balcony and do our usual inside using the extra money for an excursion. Also ARE THERE USUALLY CHILDREN ON THESE CRUISES OR JUST MIDDLE AGE AND UP....I HAVE TWO TEENS VERY CONCERNED THAT THEY WILL BE ALONE? THANKS AGAIN!![/QUOTE

We have not done a balcony on an Alaskan cruise. I run all over the place taking pictures. I am a grassis always greener on the other side when taking pictures kinda guy If we had a balcony I doubt I would be on it much (in Alaska). With that said we really enjoyed our Oceanview on our last Alaskan cruise.
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