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My hobbies? Let's see:

First, I am into gardening. I grow all sorts of things:
  • Fruit trees, both tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate.
  • Flowering trees
  • A few of roses (both Hybrid Tea and anitique). But I don't care too much for roses; they are too high maintenance (black spot, powdery mildew, thrips, and other problems).
  • Orchids: Phal.s, Catt.s, and this very vigorus Oncidium.
  • Some years I grow a vegetable garden (but not this year).[/list]
    In addition, I was getting into videography. But I discovered digital photography to be much easier. Mostly, my pictures were from my cruises. But they are strictly amateur.

    Also, for awhile I was into music. I played guitar (or tried to). But I haven't done much with it.