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Thanks for responding Dave!! Can you tell me about Coco Cay? Are you "stuck" on the island all day? Or can you come and go from the island to the ship when you want? Is the ship pretty much shut down when your at Coco Cay or are the casino's & shops open? Are there on-board activities? I guess my worry with RC is that everything will be shut down that day so we'll be bored if we only want to spend 1 or 2 hours on the island. Also, we fear we might miss having a free day at sea. We really want to go on a 4 day but the price difference is pretty big, in my opinion (about $300 more per cabin to have an extra night) but we would have a day at sea, a day in Nassau, and a day at coco cay. Anyway any adivce or info or personal experience/opinion you can offer is greatly appreciated!