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This is so cool. We were surprised to receive a 'Log of the Cruise' in our mail box on the last day. There's an 'Extract From the Deck Log Book' and I can tell you exactly what time we went through the locks.

"...cleared the (Pedro Miguel) locks at 1500 and slowly began making headway towards Miraflores Locks. The vessel cleared the Miraflores breakwater at 1633, and rigged the pilot ladder on the port side of the vessel. With the pilot safely disembarked, courses were set towards Puntarenas." Like I said, cool!

This is based on entering the first part of the Gatun Lock at 0740 and entering Gatun Lake (forward gates opened) at 0907.

There were ships waiting for their turn in each direction and I heard someone say that the cruise ships get priority - don't know if that's true or if you can count on the same schedule that we had, but there is it.

Based on information found on this site, we watched most of the going into the locks from the front of the ship, deck 11, I believe. Just kept walking forward past all of the cabins until there was an Exit door and found ourselves right below the bridge and no railings in the way. Awesome. Later in the day we switched to the aft-er (ha) end. At first we were on a higher deck and then moved down a few decks so we were closer to the proceedings.