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Ok I am going to throw in the monkey wrench on this,

Platinum, 10 full week cruises? For 70 days of sailing?
10 three day cruises for 30 days of sailing?

10 five day cruises for 50 days of sailing, do they all earn you Platinum status??

My opinion it should be 70 days of sailing... This should open a can of worms Smile
I wouldn't mind it being based on days sailed. I can see where those taking a lot of 3/4 day cruises from local ports would get there quicker than those of us that take longer cruises and spend more money.

Not a "can of worms" at all. It is a legitimate concern that many Platinum/Concierge Club members share. We don't want our perks to get diminished or cut back down the road as a result of more people being included in the program.