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I'm just very upset that NCL bought these two, last U.S. flag liners with promises to return them to service, and once again, follow the Norway/France to their demise in a foreign scrapyard... makes me ill to the core. Instead of building those hideous, new ships... NCL America should have restored the Norway, the Independence, and the United States as an alternative to these modern, hideous behemoths that claim to be cruise ships.

There is one old liner, the MV Regal Empress of Imperial Majesty Cruise Line that is making an excellent profit and is always filled to capacity. She sails out of Ft. Lauderdale on 2 night cruises and is a very popular ship. NCL America could have taken this road... for the Norway, prior to her boiler explosion, was a still very popular ship.
I'm sure if she had been repaired, she would have continued to make money for NCL. She was a diamond... a jewel. If the Independence and the United States are scrapped... I hope the publicity from this will sink NCL as well.
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