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Hi pink845
JUST DO IT....I can't emphasize how relaxing and enjoyable it was to just enjoy the ship..that's what you are paying your good money for.
Fortunately we had good weather, daily temperatures were in the 60's...the main pool area was enclosed with the open roof so the pool was in a fair amount of use, definately a lot of people sunbathing. The evenings were coolish, a sweater or wrap on deck was a good idea. The staterooms are individually temperature regulated so you can choose more or less air conditioning.
We made good use of our balcony (we got a super upgrade from inside to balcony). The sides are fairly high (I'm 5'3") so, for me, sitting down was like being enclosed...the sun was shining but any breeze was deflected by the glass balcony. I love balconies as a rule so I am probably biased but there are so many areas on board the ship that one could enjoy the outside without having a balcony.
I just found it mezmerizing to watch the waves and relax.
Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.