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My husband and me just got back from a 7 day NCL cruise to the Mexican Riviera. This is our 3rd cruise on the same itinerary, 1st time we did RCL Vision, 2nd time Diamond Princess. This time NCL Star. I am 44 and my spouse is 41, no kids.
First off I should say that I've never had a bad vacation, I love to travel and will do so by donkey cart, train, plane, automobile or ship. Doesn't matter, love it all.

NCL was a lot of fun, the entertainment was actually enjoyable, not just the shows but there was a lot of live music all over the ship in many different areas. There was always something going on in the evenings and you could dress up or wear jeans, either way was fine. There were 2 designated 'dress up' nights but they were optional, most people dressed up on those nights but definitely fewer tuxes and such than on Princess and RCL.

As mentioned here by the couple from Las Cruces (Richard and?) The week pass to the spa is hands down the best deal on the ship. We paid $140 for a couples pass for the week, that's $10 per day for a nearly private pool, 2 huge spas, locker room, robes, fresh towels and recliners lined up in front of a wall of windows facing the stern. Heaven, I spent every day there watching dolphins chase the ship and reading. Only had to leave when I couldn't talk my spouse into bringing me food. I'm not getting on the scale for awhile.

A couple of small criticisms, the Star desperately needs (IMHO) another outdoor pool area. The main pool area has large slides that tend to attract teenagers and children and the only other outdoor pool is a kiddie/tot pool. I loved the indoor spa pool but a small outdoor plunge pool away from the kiddie slides would have been wonderful.

The other criticism is with our stateroom attendant. I spoke to him once to ask for the twin beds to be converted to a queen and he sighed heavily and said 'okay, if you really need the beds together I can do that' The only other time we spoke to him all week was when my husband asked him for a hand towel because we didn't have one and my husband got the same reaction that I had gotten. I don't know his name and frankly just tried to avoid him the rest of the week. I hesitate to mention this because everyone else on the ship was very kind and tried to provide wonderful service, but it does only take one burned out individual to create a poor impression.

My husband and I were laughing because on RCL we had a junior suite and it seemed like every time one of us sneezed the stateroom attendant was pushing a kleenex under the door for us, he was so attentive he drove us crazy. Somewhere between 'whaddya need a towel for?' and 'let me blow your nose for you' there has to be a happy medium And we tipped the same for both of these examples, go figure!

At any rate, we really, really enjoyed this cruise and would definitely cruise with NCL again, we are still looking for a line to call 'home' and plan to try Carnival next, it's such hard work figuring out which cruise line we like best!

Thanks for all of the info on the board, it helps so much!