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On our Navigator cruise there was this lady that was so rude it makes a good story. My jaw dropped to the floor and I was embarrassed to be an AMerican but looking back it gives me a chuckle to tell it.

We were in the Promenade waiting for Adventure Ocean to bring the kids down. It was set up next to Ben and Jerrys counter and across from the Pold Poets pub tables.So most of the parents were crowded in the middle hallways there. This lady goes over to Ben and jErrys and gets a stool. Sets it in the middle of the hallway for her perfect view and sits. The guy working at B &J asks a customer- "Please tell her I need my stool back. She can't take that stool over there" So the American guy relates the message. The lady turns her head and smiles "OK, Thank you. " and goes back to watching the empty stage. I'm just turned around in my place staring at her incredulously. So the worker guy comes out around the counter and walks up to thelady and says "Madam, I'm sorry but I need that stool back at the counter. That is for customers of B &J. " Her response was " Ok, Well if you can get your stool you're welcome to it"And she turned and smiled and stared at the empty stage.
I was in utter shock. This guy did not deserve to be treated that way. Bless him, he wasn't losing his job over her so he went and found her a chair and offered it to her and took his stool without a word.

She ended up sitting there for about 5 minutes and moved on. I was really embarrassed for US. I can't believe there are people out there like that.

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