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Hello everyone. This is our first cruise and we're very excited, a bit nervous, and have many questions. Any assistance you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.

1) We've seen many "roll calls" and references to other upcoming cruises but none for ours...the Celebration that's departing from Jacksonville on 4/14/05 till 4/18/05 to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas. If anybody is going on this cruise, please respond, we'd love to correspond and chat

2) We will be docked in Freeport on Friday from 12PM to 7PM for 7 hours. Then we dock at Nassau from Saturday 7AM till Sunday midnite. So basically two days in Nassau.

What shore excursions do you recommend? We're a couple in our 30s who don't drink alcohol. We both can kinda swim (move to point A to B in one breath) and have never snorkeled before. Is it better and more affordable to book the shore excursions thru Carnival or do it on land when we dock? Are there better excursions available at the dock than thru Carnival? If so, where do we go to book these excursions?

Here's the list of activities and prices we see available to us thru Carnival’s website:

- Freeport Island Tour, 3 hrs, $33/person. This involves a bus ride and walking to residential, industrial, and downtown areas. There's also a brief stop for shopping and at the beach.

- Freeport Snorkel Tour, 2.5 hrs, $35/person. This involves sailing on a catamaran to a reef for some snorkeling.

- Glass Bottom Boat, 2.5 hrs, $35/person. Visiting the shallow reefs off Grand Bahama Island on the glass bottom boat to view the sea life and coral formations.

- Tranquility Shores Beach Break, 4.5hrs, $49/person. Visit Taino Beach on Grand Bahama Island with burger type lunch provided.

- Blue Lagoon, 5.5 hrs, $29/person. Also available with snorkel for $39/person. This is, we are told, Nassau’s most popular tour destination. A 45 min cruise to the lagoon, availability of aqua cats (what is this?), tubes, and paddle boats, dining at the Sea Garden Grill restaurant for “reasonable prices”.

-Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, & City Tour Combo, 2.5hrs, $35/person.

- Glass Bottom Boat, 2 hrs, $35/person.

- Athol Island Snorkel, 2.5 hrs, $39/person.

- Pearl Island Snorkel, 4.5 hrs, $43/person. Includes time at the beach.

- Discover Atlantis and Historical cruise, 2.5 hrs, $45/person. Escorted thru the Atlantis Digs. Pool and hotel facilities unavailable.

- Pearl Island Stingray Encounter, 4.5 hrs, $45/person. Learn to touch/feed the sting rays in shallow water.

- Thriller Powerboat to Blackbeard’s Cay, 4 hrs, $59/person. Also available with Stingray encounter for $79/person. Powerboat ride to Paradise Island then time on the beach relaxing, playing games, etc.

- Pearl Island Treasure Hunt & Snorkel Safari, 4 hrs, $99/person. Snorkeling for oysters, lunch buffet, and swim in salt water pools.

Although we don’t drink, we do enjoy nite life, even risqué/adult type. What options are available and recommended in Nassau? What are typical costs associated with these establishments?

Thanks again in advance for your much needed advise!

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