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My wife and I have booked a cruise on the upcoming October sailing of the Dawn Princess.

We found out but weren't notified of a cancelled port only after we paid in full. The port that Princess cancelled is that of Christmas Island which breaks up, which is now, over five straight days at sea. Not necessarily the most marketable idea at the price we paid for most cruise lines.

The reasons were that port damage prevented safe landing. I can buy that. But, read on. Apparently Princess knew about this alleged damage well before we paid our final payment, and initial deposit. This is based on gathered evidence and notes from other passengers. A bit distressing.

Agreeing with others who have posted on other message boards, it looks like Princess is forgoing this port for a completely different reason(s) than that of safety. My wife contacted Princess receiving the same response -- that port damage prevents the cruise line from landing safely on Christmas Island. This, apparently, is an untruth since Radisson Seven Seas is visiting and landing on the island in September and Orient lines is visiting and landing in December (confirmed).

We have also confirmed this information through a secondary source with the Kiritimati (Christmas Island) government. I quote, "The landing from the cruise ships' boats on Kiritimati Island is possible and the maintenance of the landing site has been done and the main channel will be dredged three times every month in advance prior Cruise arrival."

Princess replied they cannot speak for the other cruise lines. Do they mean to say the other cruise line's standards are less than Princess'? I, too, believe there is a cover-up on Princess' end.

On the surface, it appears Princess does not want to hassle with an island that does not generate revenue for them. If the goverment there indicates the port is safe and will continue to maintain that port with regard to safety, why else would Princess avoid such a port if it were not for profit?

Unfortunately, there may be nothing we can do because when the cruise lines say NO, how can you fight them? Their lawyers seem to have it covered. Personal Choice? Do they mean THEIR personal choice?

If you have any thoughts, information, evidence, "inside" information, advice, anything at all, please let us know.

Strength in numbers, I think. Thank you.