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Cruise fanatic, guest services TOLD us they have discontinued the NY Times sheet completely, not even a library copy. I thought I was clear on that, and also that I was not just talking of one day.

Also, I have cruised Royal Caribbean twice before, and both times they gladly supplied berries withOUT needing special permission from the powers that be for every night. That is not a special dietary need; it is a taste preference. Come on now, we are not talking of a diabetic or salt free diet, and it should not require two to three week notice. Also, I do not think Princess NOW, not matter what it has been in the past, is really a premium line. I think it is mainstream cruising. Their cruises are often less expensive than Royal Caribbean's comparable ones.

I did have a good cruise, mostly because the weather was unbelievable for May, sunny and crystal clear every day. However, as far as my comments on Royal Caribbean, I called it as I saw it, and I do say you seem a bit too defensive of the line to me.