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Hello baby doll. Must be fate, that was my nick name growing up (baby of the family and last name dahl).
We are March 16, 2008. We too are disapointed as St. Lucis & Antigua were two of our favorite islands also. This cruise is with our daughter's honeymoon as well as her 21st birthday. We haven't cruised in nearly 9 yrs. and look forward to getting back into it. Took the last yrs. off to vacation a week here and there on different Caribbean Islands. Now we are ready to get back into the swing of cruising.
I called up Carnival to see why they changed it up. I was told many customers requested an overnight stay on an island, and they are giving it a go starting with the Destiny.
We decided to give it a try.
When is your cruising date? We are flying out of Minnesota, and you?