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Just got back from a 7 day on the Amsterdam. My first trip with a cruise ship.
My impressions of the interior of Amsterdam were that it is magnificant. The crew, 100% professional and friendly. Ship interior kept very clean.
I spent most of my time on the upper decks. Some time on lower decks, such as lower promonade deck 3.
The decks are in shabby condition. Caulking is working loose between the teak deck covering boards. In one place the boards had expanded and lifted, causing a spongy feel to the deck.
Varnish peeling. Debris clogged scupper drains and rusted washdown water supply pipes broken loose from mountings, causing them to rattle and shake with the ships vibration.

Vibration. Has anyone here been on Amsterdam?
For the entire trip, at any speed above dead slow it would begin a low frequency vibration. At a full cruise speed of 23 knots the sky deck was shaking so badly I couldn't use a zoom lens for photos, as it would blur the pictures so badly from the motion. Even the deck chairs were shaking and bouncing.
It felt like an imbalance between props and perhaps a little out of sync at the same time.
It was, however, more noticable in forward sections than aft.
If anyone has experienced this vibration, I would like to hear anything relevant to it.