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Gary, I think you're doing Sea of Cortez soon? We loved that trip and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! But that pretty much goes for any cruise really....
The Sea of Cortez is on our list. I am not sure how soon tho. One of our Son's is in the Navy, if he goes over seas, then we will also. If sounds like he will either get Bremerton WA or Spain. If it is Spain we will do at least one land tour over there. If it is Washington, we will do Alaska, and the Sea of Cortez. We are hoping he will find our this month.
While we are both retired, we both still do some work. My wife subs for the local High School. She hates to take off and miss to many chances to work. The School is usually off during the 3rd week of Oct. We have been waiting for a year that it hits those dates, and we have not already booked another cruise. This year we are going on the Pride, and next year the 15 day to Hawaii on the Zaandam.
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