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Congrats to your husband. Admitting is a hard decision to make and following the sober lifestyle can be described as difficult at best. You have MANY options on a ship that will allow you and your husband endless hours of fun without making him uncomfortable. I am a huge wine drinker but, on a recent cruise, we were seated with a couple who were celebrating 5 years of mutual sobriety. My wife and I decided not to have any alcoholic beverages with our dinners. It was an easy decision for us to make and it made our tablemates a lot more comfortable. They are a great couple and we still maintain correspondence. People on cruise ships can be very accommodating to the needs of others. Like previous posters noted, you will find "Friends of Bill W." meetings listed on the daily calendars. Make sure that you pay attention to any excursion that you intend to book. Many party boats (i.e. booze cruises) and "beach breaks" include an open bar. Sometimes these details aren't listed and it pays to do a little research to make sure that you aren't paying a premium for a part of the excursion that means nothing to you. They serve non-alcoholic beers on board (on Carnival, it will be mostly O'Douls and Buckler) but you will pay the same amount as if you were ordering any other beer. You will be asked by many wandering waiters if you wish to purchase the "drink of the day" or any other cocktail. If you say "no", they will graciously walk away. They will not be in the least bit offended. You may want to take advantage of Carnival's soft drink card. It is a separate card that entitles the owner to unlimited soft drinks. It cannot be used to acquire any alcoholic beverages. If you or your husband might feel that temptation would be too great, let him carry a room key and a soft drink card. Bartenders on Carnival will NOT take cash for drink purchases (this is a rule but sometimes on debarkation day they will open a cash bar---be wary of that). The only other advice that I have to give you is that Carnival almost always has a free liquor tasting onboard. It will be announced several times on the ships announcements and it will appear in the Carnival Capers as well. Don't worry about temptations on board the ship... your hubby will do fine and you will bring many great memories back with you. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.