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Sounds like your teenager was very fortunate, and had a Club 02 director that did a good job. That's wonderful! You got what you paid for, and your vacation was a huge success for everyone. All 14 times. Wonder how you would feel if the tables were turned? Nothing personal, but I know I would be very upset if this happened to my family. Sure, I would try to correct things while on the ship, and surely this mother did, but evidently it still didn't work out for them. What a shame! I'm sure there was alot of planning and excitement going in to their trip, as with all of us, and then they were disappointed. You'd kind of feel like some of your money was wasted. This mother is obviously very upset, and I really don't blame her.

Now, I do have this question. Aren't these clubs just glorified baby sitters, or should I say teen sitters. Not that there is anything wrong with this. I certainly don't think kids should be left unattended on board. And, when this one director screws up his or her job, isn't there someone else on board to fill in? What if this "director" gets sick or something...aren't there helpers or assistants to step up? Or, are these kids just left out? You know, when the kids aren't really is a bummer for the parents...especially when on vacation! I'm sure it hampered the adult plans!

Maybe a "free" cruise seems won't happen anyway...but this Carnival employee should have a dishwashing job, not an entertainment job!

I guess I just have compassion for this family...not everyone has 14 perfect cruises...glad that your son has....but the next one may not be so perfect..hope you feel that 14 out of 15 is ok.

Hope you have a great cruise in December! Sincerely! What do they do for you on a Christmas cruise?