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Originally posted by TrvlPro:
Hi Dave,

I always advise that everyone should have insurance. There are better choices outside of the cruise lines policies but even that is better then nothing.

Once you have a client (I've had a few) need an evac off a ship by helecopter and then need long term care and a private chartered flight with medical personel aboard to get back home for that care and have insurance pick up the tab for every penny (nearly $100K in total costs) you believe. This was not an elderly person for all those of you young and healthy who think its wasting your money. It was a 14 year old boy whose apendix ruptured. Other complications arose as the medical care outside of the good 'ol US was not up to par.

Long story short, the family avoided financial ruin by having the ins. The little guy is fine now.

Cheers, Neil
Travel Pro,

The same situation occured with a friend of mine's 20 something son. He was seriously injured in an accident during a shore excursion. He did not have insurance and his parents had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get him home my a life flight. He was hospitalized for two weeks while he was down there. This happened before I ever planned the cruise I went on with my family and it convinced me that insurance is worth every penny, every time.