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I really hope, that people from RCCL are reading this too.

I had a conversation with the shopping guide on the Zenith in febraury when we were in the Caribbean and also told him, that we compared prices with smaller stores. And we were not satiesfied with the offers, DI and Tanzanite International had.
Also the kindness of the staff was not as good as in the smaller stores.
They were arrogant, and you felt like a person, disturbing them in their working time.

Totally different in the smaller stores and believe me, we have been in many of them, in St, Thomas, Puerto Rico, Barbados and St. Maarten this year. There we met so many nice people and most of the stores were family owned. Some introduced us to family members, because some of them went to Switzerland to a big jewelry convention and asked us different things about Germany and Switzerland.

So, try smaller, family owned stores, but before you are going on a cruise, try to inform you. And the internet is the best place for informations.

Best wishes and best buys on future cruises