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I saw this gents post on a frequent flyer site too. From what I saw there they were delayed by weather more than once but the way I understood it was the air/sea package from RCCL.

In the end they finally arrived in Miami after the ship had left. Since it was RCCL air/sea I certainly hope he does see parts of his money again since they made the arrangements for same day arrival and RCCL should have been warned they have seen too many of their clients get bumped by Delta over the last couple of months.

They missed a connection because Delta gave up their seats to stand bye pax 20 min prior to SHEDUALED departure not actual departure - the plane was still at the gate with open doors when our members got to the gate. But Delta denied them boarding consequently I hope RCCL nails Delta too since they are aware of who they sell space to - Delta KNOW they are bumping cruise passengers causing huge losses.