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The lobster complaints kind of make me laugh. You have folks spending thousands of dollars on a cruise and they make a big issue about lobster tails that anyone can buy in the market for about $20. But yes, we have also noticed that RCI has made major cut-backs. Its not just on food but also on entertainment. On the Dec 3 crossing of the Brilliance of the Seas we talked with some entertainers who said there had been reductions in the entertainment budget. We also noticed that the already wine prices had become higher and that more expensive food items such as large shrimp, lobster, and some decent meat (such as good veal) had all but disappeared. Within 4 months of that RCI cruise we also cruised on the Grand Princess (20 days) and the Azamara Journey (18 days) and the quality on both of those lines was good to excellent. We have cruised on 12 different cruise lines and still enjoy RCi (14 cruises with this line) but it no longer measures up to the competition in most areas. We still book RCI when they do a decent itinerary and have a good price, but otherwise, we prefer HA, Princess, Celebrity, Azamara, Crystal, etc.