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Hi Captain Merky,
This is Kim, Ispoke with you about my trip to Hawaii before you left. I thought about you and your wife, hoping you would have a great time just as we did and I am glad you did. I was also hoping that you caught my last response of catching the busline to the old Lahaina luau. It sounds like you fund it. If so would you please let me know how it worked for you? I am going back in May, so I was glad to hear of the places you went to. When you said you went to Kilauea was that the excursion to the Volcanoes national park? We will be doing all rental cars this time and I am glad to hear that this may be a good choice of transport on pour own as we will go to the Wiamea canyon and do some hiking on our own time. The hleicopter, I was scared to do but they canceled because of bad weather. Is it reaaly worth doing this with the fear that i have of flying? Kaui was my favorite island, along with Maui. The Napali coastline that we did was on of my favorite excursions. If you can give me any other tips I may want to do that I didn't do the first time please advise me. Wasn't the Old Lahaina luau the best?
They really should tell you about the tip situation, sorry I forgot to mention that when I did my research. Hope to hear from you and have a great time on the Mediterrean cruise.