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Hello jknixon and welcome to cruise-chat;
very much enjoyed your critique of you Coral Princess cruise.
Yours is the kind of articulate, intelligent and informative post we love to see--not that we don't like to have a little fun too.
I appreciated your comment on the "constant marketing. . . ";
Not much is said about that. It use to really bother me, the constant barrage of "sales" and "specials", because I can remember a time when there was hardly any of that. Then one day I dug out a 30+year-old Princess brochure and realized, factoring in inflation, that cruises are actually less expensive today than they were years ago; and a good part of that is due to marketing, and of course economies of scale. But the good news is we don't HAVE to buy that stuff!
Thank you again for an enjoyable post; looking foreword to more.