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When I booked our Oasis cruise last week, I wanted to use my future cruise deposit, that I bought on our last RCCL cruise. It is for $100 for a future deposit, then you get an onboard credit, depending on the length of the cruise. I'm sure most of you RCCL are familiar with this. So, then I asked for my Diamond balcony discount for $200 off, they then said I can't combine the future deposit that comes with an onboard credit, that it could not be used with the Diamond balcony discount. They said I should use my future deposit, when I don't plan on using the Diamond balcony discount. Has anyone experienced this. Sonny, Dave, anyone.... what are your thoughts. I went ahead and kept my future deposit, and used my Diamond balcony discount. I forget how long the future booking deposit is good for, does anyone know. Flowrider-here I come! Lil' Lori

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