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I am absolutely outraged by this post, really really mad. This guy/woman really should have done some research before booking with Royal Caribbean, and I did loads of research before ever booking so I knew what to expect, subsequently I have booked three further cruises with them. I find this post inaccurate. go get an apple where they serve apples, if somewhere is closed for 1.5 hours in the afternoon for preppiing then its bloody closed. Get a life, you probably booked a 'cheap' cruise, something maybe cheaper than your used to, why did you decide to go with RCCL? Presumably after being on 5 cruises why did you change? Not up to your expectations? Who said the staff ALL of them (that you stated) wanted to get off the ship? You should really really remove this post, its inaccurate and very off putting for guests. I've heard fantastic reports about the Independance, I've sailed on voyager and liberty both different but fantastic. Im actually so mad now after reading this.