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OMG OMG OMG I'm back on Canadian Soil! HAVE TO BOOK another one of those. Ok will write more more more later but to the person who just booked on Carnival, Doulabug, you must be reading the "Enquirer" or some rag like that. I consider myself now an expert on Carnival. I searched out EVERYTHING on this ship there wasn't one bad spot of food on the cruise. I did look all through the cracks on the bed, NEVER cleaner. And the matress was the most comfy I've ever slept in. I'm actually going to to buy myself one. I will do a full review of Carnival Victory Cruise tomorrow for you but I couldn't find ONE thing wrong. OMG I've never had so much fun EVER! Will talk more later folks and to everyone who reads and chats with me here. I'm so glad all of you answered my questions, relieved my fears etc! I had 110% fun fun fun.

P.S Stay away from any Cozumel Mexican gentleman who wants to give you free tequila shots or you will end up like me sleeping the following day away......

Hugs to All! I'm BACK!!!!