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kkontny, when we received our upgrade, we had booked with a travel agent that did a lot of bookings with Princess. I believe that's how we received ours. I had booked our cruise almost a year in advance. Evidently, the catagory I had booked was popular and that had over-sold that cruise. So I am assuming they started with the oldest bookings and bumped them up to a catagory that wasn't full to fill the ship. I don't think there's a "system", I think it just happens to be the luck of the draw and the cruise you've booked. Filling the ships is much more cost effective than leaving cabins empty. If they don't have enough people to fill the more expensive catagories and the cruise is still in demand, then they start adjusting people. Veterancruiser39, I too would like more details, we've always received whatever on board credit they've given us.