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Hi baby doll. I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but please know that living with diabetes is not as restrictive as it once was.

I actually advise to NOT go through the special needs desk. You can find plenty to eat on board--I have also heard reports from pax on other lines that they were not allowed on certain shore excursions for the sole reason they had diabetes, even though their condition was well under control.

We had a thread awhile ago that you might find helpful--click HERE. While the topic of the thread is "Weight Gain," many shared their strategies for eating healthfully on a cruise.

I imagine that as part of your treatment, you are seeing a nutritionist. He or she can help you determine the best eating strategy for you. Before your cruise, bring copies of menus from others' cruises (there are several sites that have these). You'll note that many cruise lines have sugar-free desserts on the menu, as well as "spa choices" or other healthy courses.

I like LHP's suggestion of letting you waiter know of your dietary needs. For instance, salad dressing is often loaded with sugar or fat, as are some of the sauces served.
Happy cruising!