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Hi everyone
We just got back from our Alaska cruise with Princess and it was awesome. I know I'm grasping at straws...but by any chance, did anyone here happen to be whale watching in Juneau in Auke Bay on 7/25 around 12pm?
A group of 8-12 whales were bubble netting and I didn't get very good pictures with my little digital camera. That night at dinner somebody showed me some pictures he took with his zoom lens and they were unbelievable. Unfortunately I didn't think of asking him if he could/would email the pictures to me until after we left. I am now desperately searching for anyone who would be kind enough to share their pics with me.
We got to see these whales create this bubble net at least 5 times and one time they all came out of the water less than 50 yards from our small tour boat. I know not 1 person on our boat snapped a picture because they surfaced so close... we just all stared with our mouths open. Nobody moved. When I saw the captain and our naturalist look at each other with their eyes almost popping out of their head, then start to laugh as they said "holy s#$%", I knew we had gotten a close view. It was great.
So if by any chance anyone happened to be on any of the other tour boats and happened to get some good pictures and would be willing to email some pictures to me, it would be so greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much
If anyone wants to see the pictures I did get, I'll post them if I can figure out how

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