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Originally posted by mickeyd:
That was what we did rather than attempt to sneak liquor aboard like boarding school students trying to sneak liquor or beer into the dormitory. In addition,

LOL Aw come on, you're taking all the fun away from trying to beat the system are you not?

We are first time cruisers and my thinking is that we will spend little time in our cabin on an Alaska HAL cruise this summer and expect to take a number of excursions. We are going cheap on the room and using the savings on more/better side trips.

Is this s good idea that I have, or am I being simplistic about the savings on the cheap room?

Simplistic would be my answer. It's a cruise, live it up. By the way, the only system one beats in bringing liquor aboard is raising costs for other cruisers, but there are multiples of posts on that subject.

First-time cruisers? Go on, you must be joking.