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I agree with Dave the Capt. has his own dining room below decks and hardly ever attends the dining rooms. I had the most great oportunity on our first cruise, there were special guests onboard from Italy, a friend of one of the officers, a mayor and a tourisum and travel ambassador who we met on our second day they sort of started conversions with my daughter, they thought she was one of thier Italian Models, and we hung out with them the whole cruise, the captain invited us to his galley with the Italian guests, unfortunely he was a no show as it was his Honeymoon and him and his new wife decided to dine in thier cabin, sent his respects, and said he would make it up to all of us, but we did dine in his private dining room, he has his own waitress and everything was great we were treated as if we to, were important people along with the mayor and his party, it was the best time we ever had the officers excorted us to the shows, and we would all hang out on the lido deck and try to teach everyone English as the entire officers staff were all from Italy, we had a great time, the last nite of the cruise the Captain invited us to the bridge with the mayor and his party, and we got a first rate tour of how the ship is run, and we also got a tour of the engineering and learned all about the ships workings and ships stores and engine room totaly awesome,we have visited the ship once in cozumel and met with the officer, on a weeks vacation the ship came in to port and we visited him for a couple of hours, the mayor invited us to Italy and about a year later we went and we got a first rate tour of Rome, Florence, Sienna and a few other little towns, we had the best time ever, every time we cruise we look for all the crew that we met on our first cruise, I ran into one of them on the Holiday about a year and a half ago, they all get transfered and do not know where they are going till a few weeks before they are due back to work.I consider us very lucky to meet such warm and friendly people that are part of Carnival, we still keep in touch by e mails, if the Captain does show up in dining room it is only becuse he has special guests on board as our new found friends were at his table the first formal nite, that is when we met them after Dinner, in one of the lounges they were visiting the clubs on a mini tour. so thats how we got hooked on cruising.