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I was just reading some reviews on another web site by other people who were on the Explorer of the Seas at the same time I was (2/3-2/15) and I was surprised to find that the other two authors had been horrified by what they perceived as a lack of sanitation procedures on the ship.

My husband and I thought the crew seemed to be on top of things in that regard. A few days in, the crew started handing out hand sanitizing wipes at the dining rooms, buffets, gangway, etc. We figured there were people with noro...sure enough, after a day or so, the captain announced that an unusual number of people had complained of gastrointestinal distress and advised us to wash our hands regularly and use the wipes. For the rest of the cruise, everywhere we went, crew members were handing out the wipes, and we constantly saw them wiping down the railings, cleaning the public areas, etc.

I guess I don't know how many people ended up coming down with noro, but it seemed to me like they were doing a good job. But some of the reviewers noted there was a lack of hand sanitizing dispensers...I guess I don't remember whether there were such dispensers on previous ships.

Just curious to hear other people's thoughts, and wondering if anyone heard any numbers about norovirus patients on the 2/3-2/15 sailing of Explorer.

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