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For those of you who are traveling with your family, the duty free limits on Alchol (1 liter?) can be totalled for the head of household. i.e. if there are four of you, the head of household (the person that filled out the customs clearance form) can declare 4 liters before duty is collected.

The sea shell thing blew my mind too. We went to Cozumel and started bartering for a shell from one of the vendors. We argued over price for a while and he would not budge nor I. So I gave up thinking the shell was not worth the price he wanted. Luckily I guess because I found out after we were leaving port that shells were a forbiddened thing in customs. I would have been really cheezed off if I had paid the high price to find out it gets taken from me. The vendor failed to mention that. Buyer beware I guess. It explains why there were not too many shells to be found in the stores.
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