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We have decided to meet other US-cruisers to show them Venice (although I have never been there... a blind leads another blind...).

Therefore we booked Santa Chiara Hotel for 150 EUR/night incl. private bathroom.

We can cancel it without penalty until the night before as we booked via

There were cheaper hotel - but mostly on Mestre side or much more closer to the Marco Polo Airport. But the savings in the hotel room will be compensated by the transportation costs.

Uwe - what do you think? 150 for Central Venice at Piazzale Roma is a great price - or???

Can I see the ships from this place? Or can you recommend a nice place to take pictures?

I have also checked the rates of LA CALCINA.

Do all ships have to pass this canal when they are entering or leaving Venice???

They want for the night about 200 EUR. Do you have a booking machine where you can get a better rate?

Would be nice to hear from you as Venice-expert.

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