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Originally posted by ann135:
I have only just joined Cruise chat and am facinated reading everything and also with how much everyone knows about cruising!
Please see my previous mail 'Help on Med cruise on Summit in September' and tell me all you can that will help us make it a memorable experience.
As relative 'Cruise Virgins' all the info we can get will be much appreciated.
Can anyone give a rough guide to prices of drinks and wine on board? Also I note that you cannot take drink on board to have in your stateroom - is that a firm rule? I like Canadian Club Whisky and you can hardly ever get it in hotels or bars anymore so would like to think I can still have my favourite tipple.
Anything that you can tell me to make this trip truly memorable would be wonderful.
Oh, and is it right that Summit is having an update early this year?
Thank you for your help.
Hi Ann, welcome to cruise chat. Most of my experience has been with Carnival but I think most cruise lines will allow a bottle per person. I would not put it in your suitcase as they will see it in the x-ray and have to investigate, take it with you through the embarkation process.