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This was my 6th NCL cruise and I'll never sail with them again.
I have file a lawsuit against NCL. I would love to hear your comments after you sail
It took you 6 trips with NCL to finally decide not to sail with them. Sorry to be ignorant, but just curious, are you suing them because of bad service? That's too bad that you had such a bad time. I went on the Pride of Aloha, and although not perfect they were very accomadating to my requests, ie, cleaning room and even to change to another room due to foul odor. The dinners were good, and yes, it is true that dinner can take up to 2 hours, I found, for me anyway, a good way to relax and unwind after a busy day in the Hawaiian Islands. Call me crazy, but I plan to do this trip again on the American flagged ship because you can spend so much time on the islands that the other cruise lines can not do without having to sail out to sea to a foreign port. Unless of course you want to be out to sea more days. It's a personal peference. I'd rather be on land more doing and seeing things then be on the ship alot. The ship was just my floating hotel and a good one at that. I went with the mindset I am here for the Islands first and the ship next. As long as my room was clean and food good, with cocktail hour I was a happy girl,and all of the above were. The staff were friendly as well. I found if I treated them as I wanted to be treated they went out of their way to help me. Too bad it took 6 trips with NCl to make your final decsion that it was such a bad ship. I hope I am fortuante enough that I don't feel that way when I come backwith NCL for the Hawaiian Islands next year.