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I think the cruiseline industry should be ashamed of how little hourly wage they give their crew members. And if the cruiselines want to raise price of fares, let them explain to the public why, which should be because they would have decided to quit a years-long practice of ripping off their employees. After all, how much more would the fares increase? $200.00 per fare for a 7-day cruise? OK, I can manage that. If I couldn't, I shouldn't purchase fares for any more cruises. I can understand why corpporate management would not be eager to reduce the profit margin with explanation that a long overdue raise in wages had to be made.

Another thing that all of us can do is to be sure that we tip generously the folks who clean our staterooms and who wait our tables. But that would still leave a lot of crew whom we don't personally contact, e.g., the cooks. The real soultion is to embarrass the industry so that it will also raise the wages of its employees.

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just my opinion but if is as bad as you say it is there would be no one working on the ships. And on my last cruise I shared a taxi with some crew members headed into town for their time off.
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