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Hi LTC, welcome to Cruise-Chat. I'm not sure what your interests are, so I'll just tell you there is wonderful snorkeling in Grenada and Bonaire. We took a snorkeling trip in Isla Margarita that was not very good. There is a nice beach near where the ship docks there, though. I heard the shopping was pretty good there, but didn't go shopping so can't verify that for sure. Grenada is known as the spice island, it is a beautiful island. The Grand Anse beach is across the bay from where you dock and is a beautiful beach. The snorkel trip to Flamingo Bay is great! I love shopping for spices there. There is a tour to the rain forest is beautiful. Bonaire is excellent snorkeling/diving. There are some shops near the dock and a cute little restaurant where we had a drink after snorkeling, I believe it was called the City Cafe. We did the Mushi/Mushi catamaran sail/snorkel which was an excellent excursion. It was our second time with them. We went out early in the morning before the wind picked up and the water was calm and crystal clear. I saw 2 turtles as well as abundant fish. They use very good snorkel equipment if you don't have your own. I'm not sure if this helps you, but let us know if you have specific questions, we'll try our best. Have a great cruise and once again welcome aboard!