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Well here is the deal,
my wife is going to have a baby!!!


I am happy about it but problem is I have to cancel my next cruise after booking it directly on carnival site...

here are a few questions I have about it:

1. If I don't want to cancel it just to change the date, let me explain this I will like to change it to the same date just 2010 insted of 2009 Can I do that?? even if it does not appear online or do I have to wait until then??

2. If I decide to cancel how much will they charge me??

3.If I buy so far in advance will a get a better price??

As you see I am just looking for options I don't want to cancel my cruising adiction..

This is for the RCCL fans:

I am looking foward to take a few RCCL cruises in the future, I know they are a great option for childrens since all the activities they have on their ships.
My mision is to make my kid a Diamond member before his or her 10 birthday,
Can it be done??