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Feel free to ask all the questions you need. We always arrive the day before the cruise and generally tell others to as well. But, in your case, I would recommend you get the earliest flight possible. There are always possibilities for flight delays, no matter how short the flight is. I would say there is no such thing as too early, but there is such a thing as too late. If you can get a flight to get you there by 10 am, then you should have no problem. Just hand the luggage to the fellows at the airport if you are going through the cruise for airfare and if not, just give them to the cab or van driver and then the people at the cruise terminal. Then, you can tool around a bit or just go on in and get signed in. Our last cruise, 2 couples arrived at the dock as we were pulling away and both wives were crying as the ship left them. We found out later that they had a flight that was supposed to arrive at noon and a couple of delays put them arriving at the airport way after 4 pm. By the time they got their luggage, they got stuck in traffic and arrived at the dock in time to see the ship pull away. They did pay extra and caught up with us later but that is not the way to start your cruise. Better safe than sorry.

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