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Welcome back cousins, I am so sorry to hear about your experiences. That is so unusual for HAL, but I have heard others complain about the Eurodam. I know how much you were looking forward to this cruise, and it must have been such a HUGE disappointment. HAL is normally among the top in customer service and cleanliness. I do hope you at least were able to enjoy the ports. Did you like the As You Wish dining? I hope the food was good, at least. Do try writing a letter to corporate, it might help some. Just be concise and as pleasant as possible. I'm glad that they tried to fix the problems while you were on board, but sorry that it didn't help. We were on the Emerald Princess last year, and someone on our floor flushed bars of soap down the toilet. It clogged up our whole floor. Thankfully, sewer water wasn't coming out, we had no water at all. Hope you book another cruise soon, it doesn't have to be on HAL, but just another one to take the bitter taste away. Stuff can go wrong on any line, just kind of makes your trip so much less enjoyable. I hope they will do something to make it right with you!