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I had no idea schedule cuts were coming. This just happened to us. We had booked a flight on Continental (red eye). I got the confirmation and everything was great. A couple weeks later, I got an email confirmation again. I thought that was odd. I looked more closely and found the flight had changed. I immediately checked my prior confirmation thinking I had accidentally booked the wrong flight. Nope. I called Continental and they seemed as surprised as I was to find out that all of the red eye flights had been cancelled. We are now flying out 6 hours later than we had planned and arriving 7 hours later than expected (extra layover time now). Our seat reservations were also undone, so make sure you check for that as well. It's not a disaster and it certainly won't ruin the trip, but it does mess up rental car schedules as well as any plans we may have had upon arrival. It's a really good thing we are flying in two days before the cruise. If we had expected to take a red eye and boogie on over to the port, we would've missed the ship Check, check, check those reservations!!!!