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There are a lot of people that eat in the dining room, but I personally enjoy the buffet. Their pastries are amazing, they have omelet stations, and will fry, poach or boil eggs for you. We've cruised Princess 9 times and I think we've only eaten in the dining room once for breakfast. We're early risers, so I go get coffee for my hubby and juice for me to bring back to the cabin while he gets ready. Then we're off to the buffet and hit the shore. The ship is normally cleared within 30 minutes of arriving at your port of call, sometimes less, sometimes more. Whatever you do, be sure to be back to the ship on time. They will announce the time, post it next to the gangway, and it will be in your Princess Patter. If you're not on a Princess sponsored excursion and you're late getting back, you will be responsible for meeting up with the ship at the next port. They will not wait. Believe me, I've seen many people left behind, so make sure you're back on time.