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I'd love to do both, but the problem is more money than it is time. I'm leaning towards the $99 "Dolphin Swim Adventure" (including the water park admission) at the same park that Michele mentioned.

Cynthia, I'm kind of with you on being a big baby! (Hubby is too.) I was a thrill-seeker in my teens, but I've deleloped a whole slew of irrational fears since I've hit my 20's! (Such as: What is the zipline snaps?? LOL) I enjoy "forcing" myself to do thrilling activities, though, because I never regret it afterwards. We're both a little terrified at the thought of the canopy tour, but we're sure it would be an unforgettable memory. (Similar to when we went scuba diving on our last cruise... we were scared stiff, before and throughout, but the memories and the underwater photos we took are priceless!)

Still trying to make a decision, though. Thanks to both of you for your input.