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Hi Vickie, welcome to Cruise-Chat. We've done 2 snorkels in Curacao and 2 in Aruba. All of them were through the ship. They used catamarans for all of them. In Curacoa and Aruba, they took us to sunken ships. We did see some turtles and plenty of fish. The last time we were in Curacao, we were rained out, so all we did was a little shopping. The last time we were in Aruba, we went to Palm Beach and had a nice day. There wasn't any snorkeling, but there was a bar/restaurant on the pier, a nice swim area, and plenty of water toys for rent. The cab fare was around $30/each way. They dropped us off between hotels, so when we were ready to come back, we just walked to the hotel and grabbed a cab back to the ship. I'm sure there will be some private companies in each port for snorkeling, but we just think the ship tours are: 1.)more convenient, 2.) they've checked out the vendors, 3.)the ship will wait for you if anything goes wrong, 4.) the price difference isn't that much, and 5.) you can plan your day. The clarity of the water is about the same in either Curacao or Aruba. Now, if you're going to Bonaire, I would wait to do the snorkeling there. See if you can book the Mushy/Mushy catamaran. It's run by a family, the ship is clean, well maintained, and very safe. The snorkeling in Bonaire is among the best I've been on.