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Richard & Mary,

Dining, of course!

The only specialty restaurant we went to was Endless Summer, the fajitas in particular were very fresh and had great flavor. Make sure you are very hungry because the courses are filling, we misjudged and wound up splitting an order of fajitas between the two of us. The Blue Lagoon was great for a quick lunch with good burgers, chicken tenders and such.

The buffet is similar to other ship buffets but there were a few standout items. The milk and dark chocolate fondue fountains and free ice cream were both nice surprises and were a lot of fun! The pretzel bread was completely addictive and made a really good sandwich. My husband ate the thick french toast every morning and it was very tasty.

I'm a picky coffee drinker and absolutely loved the coffee in the buffet. It was nice and strong and yet wasn't bitter. Not so fond of Java Cafe as I got a latte that wasn't very good but I am very picky about my lattes and feel I make the best ones in the world myself!

Aqua was our favorite place to eat on the ship, the steaks were always done as ordered and I could've eaten the salmon every night. We also tried the cooking light dishes, the light chicken breast was a standout while the light fish was bland and mushy. Light desserts were generally quite good. Service was very good and the atmosphere was very comfortable.

I think NCLs dining concept worked very well, we never had to wait more than 10 minutes to get a private table and that was with no reservations and a full ship. We loved that if we felt like dressing up we could and on the other hand if we were short on time and wanted to go to Aqua wearing more casual clothing we could do so. Jeans and capris were allowed with no problem, we never went there in shorts but we did see an elderly gentleman turned away for wearing shorts so that rule seems to be enforced.

As I said we liked NCL, has anyone been on their more recently launched ships? More pools on those??